San Diego’s 10 Best Taco Shops & Mexican Food

San Diego’s 10 Best Taco Tuesday Destinations You can find a taco shop in San Diego that can make a […]

San Diego’s 10 Best Taco Tuesday Destinations

You can find a taco shop in San Diego that can make a decent taco but who makes the best Mexican food? This is the guide for:

San Diego’s 10 Best Taco Shops & Mexican Fast Food(10 to 6)

10. La Fachada. 20 25th Street, at Imperial Avenue, Logan Heights. Fish tacos are awesome for those who like fish with white sauce and carnitas tacos are always made with juicy and tender pork meat. Try the birria meat taco. It is lamb / goat meat. La Fachada also has other meats not common to other San Diego Taco Shops. Grab sides like grilled onions and jalapenos for free just like roadside stands in TJ. Not the cheapest tacos in SD but worth it if you are in the mood for a few TJ style tacos.

9. South Beach Bar & Grille. 5059 Newport Ave, Ste 104, Ocean Beach. Two restaurants bring me to OB twice a month. One is Hodad’s and South Beach Bar is the other. South Beach Bar & Grille offer good taco deals along with drink specials. It is a very social place, always with a good crowd.

8. Taco Express. 1330 State Street, Little Italy, Downtown. A hole in the wall hidden behind a car shop on State Street in Downtown San Diego just south of Little Italy. They are only open on the weekdays until to 3 and mostly serve the downtown lunch crowd. Good tasting cheap Mexican food, especially in downtown.

7. Casa Adams. 3038 Adams Avenue, North Park. A well known neighborhood establishment with good mahi mahi tacos and refried beans. For something else try their chile colorado, a chili dish made with dried red chiles and meat offering a complex, hearty flavor. This is a traditional style chili without beans and tomatoes. More than a taco shop, they are a full service sit down restaurant. Munch on their spicy carrots and chips while you wait for your meal.

6. Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. 1810 W Washington Street, Mission Hills. How many taco shops do you know whose theme is Mexican professional wrestling? If you are just north of the 5 coming out of downtown, in Hillcrest, or Mission Hills, this is the Mexican restaurant to visit. The ingredients are always fresh and flavorful. They even sell $1.50 TJ style street hotdogs wrapped in bacon. My favorite is the surf and turf burrito with carne asada steak and shrimp smothered in chipotle sauce.

San Diego’s 10 Best Taco Tuesday Destinations

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