10 Best Burgers in San Diego

10 Best Burgers in San Diego (5 to 1) 5.  In-N-Out.  Located throughout San Diego.  The most simple and best […]

10 Best Burgers in San Diego (5 to 1)

5.  In-N-OutLocated throughout San Diego.  The most simple and best tasting burger restaurant in the fast food business.  Their fries are decent but there chocolate shakes doesn’t have much chocolate flavor.  I order my burgers here “Animal Style”.

4.  Rockys Crown Pub3786 Ingraham Street (858) 273-9140. It is real simple here, order a hamburger or cheeseburger.  You will get a blank stare if you attempt to tell them how to cook it or what you want on it.  Just chill it will be out when it is ready.  An awesome neighborhood bar that is always crowded.  Come early to get a seat.

3.  Bare Back Bar and GrillTwo, one located at 4640 Mission Blvd and the other is 624 E St(between 6th Ave & 7th Ave).  This is that new, New Zealand burger joint…located in Pacific Beach and the Gaslamp District Downtown.  They specialize in chicken sandwiches and burgers.  If you want a burger, try the Kiwilango which includes BBG sauce, bleu cheese, and jalapenos.  If you like chicken, get a Dirty Jerz made of chicken, swiss cheese, BBG sauce, and bacon.  Avoid the fries, they are similar to cafeteria fries.  The sandwiches are large and very filling.

2.  Phils BBQ 3750 Sports Arena Blvd, (619) 226-6333.  I always order ribs at Phils BBQ but for those who do not eat pork their burger is one of the best in San Diego.  They add their special Phils BBQ sauce on top of an open flame cooked patty.  The onion rings at Phils BBQ are the tastiest in San Diego.  Lines are long so be prepared to wait.  If you live in San Diego and have never been here, make a point to.  It is a true gem for BBQ lovers.  Closed on Mondays.

1.  Hodad’s5010 Newport Avenue, (619) 224-4623.  Leave the most laid back decor of any restaurant to a burger joint in Ocean Beach.  Best bacon burger and shakes in San Diego hands down.  The bacon is not just a slice or two.  It is made into a paddy by boiling bacon pieces and then frying it on the flat top until crispy.  Order a single patty burger with bacon, it is plenty of food and the double patties are extremely messy.  You haven’t fully experienced Hodad’s if you have never tried one of their chocolate shakes.  Best restaurant in Ocean Beach period.  Lines can be long and it closes early.

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10 Best Burgers in San Diego (10 to 6)

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